Stefano Gaburro, PhD Institut für Physiologie I, Robert Koch Strasse 27a, 48149 Münster Phone: +49 (0)251 83 55561 Fax: +49 (0)251 83 55551 Physiology I © Stefano Gaburro,2012 Research Projects Behavior and Physiological Signal The goal of my research is the combination of multiorgan analysis to model aspects of neurophychiatric disorders in mice to be potentially translated in patients. For such an approach, a variety of behavioral tasks along with methods for real time analysis of physiological signals (ECG) are used with the ultimate aim of proving altered brain-heart interaction in various neuropathological states. Translational aspects of animal models Another aspect of my research is the generation of animal models which more closely mimick the human disease. In particular, animal models of anxiety and depression are used to deeply investigate neurochemical, neuroanatomical and neurophysiological changes associated with the pathology. Additionally, my research interest extends in the identification of novel pharmacological and non- pharmacological target for such pathologies. Standardization of behavioral analysis From 2009 and up to now, I have started the development of novel platform for analysis of behavior to be distribuited among the scientific community (Software)